Aluminum Foil Laminated XPE foam

Aluminum Foil Laminated XPE foam

Aluminum Foil XPE Foam PE Foam laminated with Aluminum foil for roof and wall insulation

Product Details

    Aluminum Foil Laminated XPE foam is (Crosslinked Polyolefin Foam) is chemically cross-linked polyolefin foam in sheet or roll coated with aluminum foil, resulting in a foam product with uniform, closed cells, and smooth skins both sides. it has a silver color due to the aluminum foil backing surface, and this material strengthens the whole products' thermal insulation property and conductivity value, which has good function of heat resistance and high heat reflection.

    It is lightweight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong, tough, resilient and resistant to moisture, many chemicals, and high temperature.

    Aluminium Foil Laminated XPE foam is used for heat insulation and sound-absorbing materials in a host of container’s designs and suitable in the building and construction field, like a duct, roof, and a wall where thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound, and the vibration is critical. 

XLPE  Foam Insulation Characteristics:

1. XLPE foam sheet is Flame retardant

2. Self-adhesive available

3. Aluminum foil composite available

4. No hazard to health

5. Easy installation

6. Waterproof and Fireproof

7. Excellent Chemical Resistance

xpe foam

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