Waterproof XPE Foam

Waterproof XPE Foam

Waterproof XPE foam is a low-density polyethylene resin, crosslinking agent and foaming agent through high-temperature continuous foaming formation.

Product Details

Waterproof XPE FOAM has excellent properties of waterproofness, as the foam material of XPE foam (also called chemically cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam) has fine closed cells which determine the waterproof performance.  XPE FOAM's water absorption can reach to 0.3%, impervious under the condition of 64Kpa, 24h. So it is almost considered as the impermeable material.

What other properties does waterproof  XPE foam have?

foam properties


  • Flooring Underlayment

  • House Roof /walls

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Material: XPE foam

Colors: customized

Standard Size:  Sheet or roll shape

Common Thickness: 0.2-5mm

Hardness customized

Tensile strength   More than 500 Kpa

Density 40-60kg/m3

Temperature resistance  80C

xpe foam

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