XPE Foam Insulation Roof

XPE Foam Insulation Roof

High-quality roof aluminum foil XPE FOAM Thermal insulation

Product Details

XPE foam insulation roof material

it is widely used in the construction industry, such as roof insulation, home insulation, underlay and so on, due to its good properties of reflects 96% of radiant heat, durable and lightweight, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

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More tips

-Heat insulation material works best when there is a 19mm air space on each side of the insulation (larger air space is fine but a smaller one reduces its thermal effectiveness).

-Heat insulation material should always be installed on the inside of the structure.

-Heat insulation material will not cure existing problems. Leaking roofs, rot or mold situations or other moisture or structural problems should be solved before installation.

-Any deteriorated wiring should be replaced prior to installing the thermal insulation material.

-Heat insulation material should be at least 3'' from any heat-producing fixtures, chimneys, blowers, etc. 

-NEVER install the insulation material directly above lighting or other heat-producing devices.

-Always turn off all electricity in the area when installing the thermal insulation material.

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