Soundproof XPE Foam

Soundproof XPE Foam

Black cross-linked closed cell foam Boot, wheel arch, body panels, load floor, under seat, floor, interior bulkhead. Also ideal for sealing against air and water ingress as well as anti-squeak application.

Product Details

Sound XPE FOAM is a type of chemically cross-linked polyolefin foam with closed cell pores structures which determines its excellent performance as an ideal sound insulation material, not only in the automotive interior but the construction material. 

The classical application of XPE FOAM

  • Application:auto trunk

  • Foam material: black XPE foam rolls (chemically cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam)

  • Density: 33-40kg/m3

  • Nominal thickness: 3-8mm

  • Features: Soundproof (5MM thickness foam Sound transmission loss of 12dB in the air,19 dB in the floor)

  • Process  method by customers: vacuum forming, and hot pressing


Automotive soundproof  XPE Foam,  this simple and easy install product is greatly applied in the auto trunk. For many commuters, keeping your car quiet and silent can be a bit of a nightmare. There are countless items in the trunk for most people, and they may make a big noise when driving, besides, there will much more noise comes from outsides, Automotive soundproof  XPE Foam offers a good solution for this matter. Made with highly durable polyethylene foam, Automotive soundproof  XPE Foam has an excellent performance on waterproof, shock absorption, noise reduction, and damping. Of course, automotive soundproof  XPE Foam is an ideal material for waterproof door trim and roof. Welcome to contact us and your inquiry is expected.

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