As a semi-rigid foam, chemically cross-linked polyethylene/XLPE- type foam with closed cell structure. It exhibits a fine, homogenous cell structure with excellent insulation, cushioning, and water-repellent properties. YoungBoard offers an impressive combination of smooth feel, a variety of aesthetic colors, and printable surface for applications in toys, health care products, specialty packaging, flotation device, and sporting goods.

Product Details

XLPE, XPE Foam Sheet or Rolls

XLPE foam is chemically crosslinked PE foam. It is produced in continuous rolls resulting in a foam product with uniform, closed cells and smooth skins on both sides. It is lightweight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong, tough, resilient and resistant to moisture, many chemicals, and temperature extremes.


--Superior cushioning

--Great heat-insulating power

--High buoyancy

--Little water absorption

--Outstanding weather stability

--Chemical resistance

--High resistance to wear and tear

--Soft, strong and beautiful

--Easy fabrication

--VOC-free at 80°C (Heat resistant at 110°C)


--insulation steel sheets

--construction duct

--signal pads

--soundproofing materials


--toilet cover

--insulation for roof, wall, flooring


--pads in backpack

--car steering cover

--inside sports recreational goods

--marine and aerospace(vehicles)

--insulation pipe cover

--outdoor mattress


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