Tiled Roof Insulator

Tiled Roof Insulator

No matter in hot weather or cold weather, the XPE foam laminated with aluminum foil is able to resist the heat transfer between outdoors and indoors, so it makes you a more comfortable room after applying our XPE foam sarking under the tiled roof.

Product Details

Roof sarking of Huzhou CYG is a soft and thermal insulated foam that is placed under your tiled roof when the builder constructs the house roof, of course, the metal roof is also applicable. For more convenience, XPE foam roof sarking is usually manufactured in rolls to make the construction easier than foam sheets. But to get the best insulation effect, here more lots of key points to pay attention to, such as the types of aluminum foil coating, the construction structure, and the pitch of the tiled roof, we can offer you the good suggestion and instruction if you need.

Product description:

Foam material: XPE foam- 33kg/m3 density

Skin material: double-coated aluminum foil

Embossing: Yes

Total Thickness: 10mm and other specifications


1. With the aluminum foil coating on both surfaces, the reflective foil roof sarking largely improves its thermal property by means of at least 97% of radiant heat, the roof insulation foam acts as the shielding to reflects the heat from sunlight. When it combined with the air space during the professional installation, the sarking insulation XPE foam will provide a more efficient and comfortable house for the users.

2. Huzhou CYG only focus on manufacturing these kinds of closed-cell foam cross-linked polyethylene foam for our customers, because of the special structure, the roof sarking XPE insulated foam allows it vapor resistance. When it was applied under the roof tiles, it prevents the water vapor from outdoors when it rains. In winter, the foam insulation also reduces the risk of condensation formation in the internal linings.

3. Due to the crosslinked foam, it owns a relatively strong strength, especially after laminating with all kinds of aluminum foil, the roof sarking made by the XPE foam helps to your house from the strong rains and wind entering into the roof cavity, making the house strong and safe enough.

4. There are different requirements on the fire retardant grade in lots of locations when the roof sarking is applied as a kind of building material, we Huzhou CYG is flexible to adjust the format to meet with most of the demands, such as the GB8624, ASTM E84, BS 476-6&7, AS3959 and so on.

If you want additional information on the tiled roof insulator, please contact us to get professional help!

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