Acoustic-Pipe insulation is composed of a unique combination of XPE foam and other materials to ensure noise absorption at both high and low frequencies.

Product Details

Pipe foam insulation cover outsides if the water pipes to protect against mold and energy loss for inner copper pipe. For users' easy installation, it is pre-cut a half, this little point saves 50% time and labor cost, and is flexible to cut according to the pipe trace. 


-Industrial air conditioning piping system 

-Refrigerant lines 

-Frozen food industries 

  • Chilled room 

  • Chilled water piping 

  • Coldwater supply 

-Hot-water plumbing 

  • Water heater 

  • Household boiler 

  • Hot spring 

  • Solar hot water 

-Dual temperature piping 

  • Hot and cold water supply

For an economical and energy-efficient way to help prevent your pipes from freezing, please use the CYG Foam Insulation for your pipes, with reliable partners' help to process the pipe, we can customized the specification according to customer's needs. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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