Metal Roof Shed Insulation

Metal Roof Shed Insulation

High-Performance reflective insulation is suitable for use on metal roof shed insulation. It's very low thermal conductivity and highly reflective foil provide excellent thermal performance in commercial, residential applications

Product Details

An insulated shed can be lifesavers when it used in an extremely hot or hot environment because of the insulation foam -(Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam laminated with an embossed or smooth aluminum sheet) are specifically designed to insulate the intense heat of hot climates, and it is very suitable but not limited to roofing insulation. What makes this product especially suitable for Metal roof shed insulation is that it is an excellent barrier against vapor and has a high capacity to reflect radiated heat. The surface layer of aluminum avoids sediments, molds or parasites growing.


1) Residential and commercial grade insulation

2) Reflects up to 95% of the suns radiant heat 

3) Improved internal ambient light 

4) Creates a comfortable internal space

Installation steps of the insulation foam rolls:

step 1: Prepare enough shed insulation foam underlay after calculating the area of the roof.

Step 2: Lay foam insulation rolls to fit sides and shed roof, cut the spare length, and cover on the top of the house framework.

Step 3: Overlap at least 5cm at the edge parts between two neighbor sheet, and tape on the top with aluminum tape to fix it.

Step 4: Cover the metal roof panel on the foam insulation.

metal roof shed insulation structure

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