Polyethylene, abbreviated PE, is the most commonly used type of plastic, and is made up of ethylene monomers linked together. LDPE foam can be divided into several types.

Product Details

LDPE foam is a kind of low-density polyethylene foam made by the LDPE raw plastic resin, the density is low to 28kg/m3 soft and light features. The foam is an ideal material for the packing industry to anti-shock. 

Cross-Linked LDPE Foam

Cross-linked LDPE foam ties all the polymer molecules together. Because the molecules are tied to together, they haven't easily torn apart from each other. Cross-linking makes both elastomers and plastics stronger, improving the physical properties such as tensile, elongation, and tear strength. Radiation cross-linked polyethylene foam is manufactured via a continuous process.

The cross-linked foam tends to be softer than extruded foam, and somewhat more uniform. 

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