Laminated Polyethylene Foam sheets

Laminated Polyethylene Foam sheets

laminated polyethylene foam sheet The polyethylene foam's features up to 100mm of laminations improving product performance.

Product Details

Laminated Polyethylene Foam sheets are extremely simple to fabricate. 

The foam material of the products is normally called closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam, which is foamed by the horizontal furnace or vertical furnace, and in the single layer, its thickness ranges from 3 to 12mm  and by heating it to laminate to increase the thickness. 

Laminated Polyethylene Foam sheets are limited on the width, max reaches 1.5m due to the large waste during this process. But there are lot of advantages, such as non-dusting, lint-free and non-abrasive. It has a unique closed-cell construction that provides superior protection against water absorption.

Laminated polyethylene foam sheet product description:

  • Cushioning protection using less material

  • Easier fabrication with softer surface and heat-bonds without skiving

  • Versatile thickness offering which can be made to order

  • Laminated film or high-density foam layer provides extra strength and durability

  • Large selection of densities and colors available

  • Available up to 1.5meters width

  • Thicknesses ranging from 3-30mm, more than 30mm, we need to make a sample to check in advance.

  • Densities range from 33 to 300kg/m3

  • Low water absorption; highly buoyant

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • High resistance to UV breakdown

  • Water-resistant; non-dusting

  • Lightweight

Single-layer: XPE FOAM details 

xpe foam

Markets and Applications

Different applications for Laminated Polyethylene Foam sheets include automotive trim, specialty damage, PC components and accessories, electronic components and medical instrumentation.

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