Thermal insulation foam XPE

Thermal insulation foam XPE

Chemically cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam(also named as XPE/XLPE). XPE foam has wide application, including automotive interior, building, sports, and packing industry...

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Thermal insulation foam XPE is an ideal foam for construction material requiring thermal insulation.

It is coated with silver aluminum foil in a single side or double sides, which has 96-97% reflectivity.

Normally, the color of the foam is gray, but if customers have special needs, we can make you customization not only color but specifications. To make foam tidy and most importantly, make the thermal insulation foam easy to construct, we offer the edge trimming firstly! According to our experience, it has a lower cost of freight if it is packed in sheets rather than rolls, as sheets will waste less space when loading in the container.


Building and construction, as well as automotive interior, packing industry.

Thermal Retardant foam

Product Description

Aluminum Foil Thermal Insulation Fireproof Building Construction Material
Chemically cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam(also named as  XPE/XLPE).

Closed-cell foams do not have interconnected pores. The closed-cell foams normally have higher compressive strength for closed cell structures. 

However, closed cell foams are also in general denser, require more material, and as a consequence more expensive to produce.

The closed-cell structure foams have higher dimensional stability, low moisture absorption coefficients, and higher strength compared to open-cell-structured foams.


  • Densities ranging between 33-300kg/m3. 

  • Thickness ranges from 3mm to 15mm in a single layer

                                     15-50mm in multi-layers

  • Width: as customers' requirement. ( maximum width within 1.8m various in different density

  • Length: as customers' requirement (Our regular rolls are typically in length between  50-250m)

  • Transport Package: Pe bags

  • Origin of production: Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

CYG also supply some grades with an aluminum foil surface for extra thermal performance and visual appeal.


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