Fire retardant XPE foam

Fire retardant XPE foam

Fire retardant XPE foam is also called chemically crosslinked closed cell fire retardant polyethylene insulation, we CYG tefa is able to supply normal grade anti-flaming, high degree anti flaming foam.(Standard: UL94/GB8624)

Product Details

FR-XPE (fire retardant chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam) is produced by  one of the noted XPE foam sheets manufacturers in China

FR-XPE is extensively used for duct insulation, chilled water and hot water applications, over deck/under deck insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation.

Being one of the leading XPE foam sheets suppliers in China, this product made by reputed foam sheets manufacturers has excellent insulation performance for both cold and warm conditions ranging between -40 ℃ to +115 .

FR grade (UL94  HF-1, class A, Class B)

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