Floor Cushion XPE FOAM

Floor Cushion XPE FOAM

XPE FOAM- a popular material for floor cushion

Product Details

Product description: chemical crosslinking polyethylene foam (XPE) material in low-density polyethylene (LDPE as the main raw material, adding cross-linking agent DCP, AC foaming agent and other chemical raw materials, after mixing, processing, forming, and the foaming, finalize the design, the post-processing, etc. Series of processing technology to produce a kind of excellent physical and mechanical properties, appearance beautiful, comfortable, good hot workability closed groove foam.

The foam material has many excellent properties, such as fine and even bubble hole, strong and tough, good heat insulation, sound insulation effect, high corrosion resistance, good resilience, small water absorption, comfortable hand feeling and so on. Suitable for its performance, it can be widely used in automobile and ship manufacturing industry, air conditioning and refrigerating industry, packaging industry, construction, engineering, agriculture, sporting goods, tape base material, heat preservation tube for air conditioning, electronic industry and so on.

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