Fireproof XPE Foam

Fireproof XPE Foam

Fireproof XPE foam insulation foam board is highly recommended for factory plant keel, automotive interior, and air condition. Flame-Resistant Foam Board will not continue to burn where the source of flame is removed, We have GB8410 standards to measure the flame- resistance level. This is an excellent foam board for die cutting or laminate with aluminum foil on the surface.

Product Details

fireproof XPE foam

The degree of the fireproof XPE foam is decided by the content of the fire retardant in the raw material. 

GB8410A-D is normal to supply, and our fireproof XPE foam can reach to UL94-HF-1, which is considered the highest level of fireproof XPE FOAM in our product range. 

         Fireproof XPE foam Dimension


More details of Fireproof XPE foam

1. Single Fold

Thickness:  from 2 to 10mm

Density100-240kg/m3Can be customized as the requirements

2. Multi-fold



Advantages of fireproof XPE Foam



-Easy to fabricate

-Extremely low odor


-High shock absorption


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