UL94 HF-1 XPE Foam

UL94 HF-1 XPE Foam

UL94 HF-1 XPE Foam is a kind of polymer material with good and independent obturator foramen, and smooth surface and good elasticity, meanwhile it is also filled wit high mechanics intensity and good heat insulation, good waterproof, well resistant to aging, to high temperature, to chemical corrosion and different environments.

Product Details


UL94 HF-1 XPE Foam Is a kind of high fire retardant foam made by closed cell cross-linked foam.

The product is LDPE (low-density polyethylene) as the main material with fire retardant, through DCP (cross-linking agent) bridge, adopting AC (azo type foaming agent) foaming of new material.
In the process of production can lead to adding other material modification.

Specifications of fire retardants XPE foam sheet:

ITEMPolyethylene foam ( PE foam)
VarietyIXPE,  XPE, 
Density   (kg/m3)30~330kg/m3
ColorBlack, grey, white, red and customized
PackagingPlastic   or  customized


Fire retardant XPE foam is widely used in the construction industry ( including roof, walls, flooring underlayment to ensure the safety in fire accident), due to its good properties.


Lightweight: lower density has lower weight and higher expand ratio. 

perfect elasticity: there are lots of air cell inside the foam to support, so it is easy to recover after pressing.

Weatherproof, waterproof, sound-absorbing:  closed cell structure determines its good properties, it can block off the transmission of sound and water.

Fire-retardant: We have GB840-A/B, UL94-HF-1 for customers' choices.

Heat insulation, Non-toxic, no odor, ECO-friendly: CYG tefa's XPE FOAM is harmless for human's health. With qualified test reports issued by SGS, including Reach, Rohs, VOC test.  Since 2019, CYG tefa has passed the IATF 16949, and the certificate is available.

XPE foam specification

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