Cushion Material

Cushion Material

XLPE FOAM is an ideal cushion foam in packing cans and other fragile products

Product Details

Cushion foam as a shock-absorbing material is made of the raw material of foamed polyethylene, in our industry, it typically called as XPE FOAM in short, and different from the normal open-cell foam with a super soft feel. XPE foam cushion is a more rigid and stronger strength. but the crosslinked makes it a better rebound resilience. At the same time, due to the closed-cell structure of the material, it has a moisture-proof effect, which gets the designer's preference.


Foam solution for Cushion material

  • Material: XPE FOAM/ IXPE FOAM

  • Expansion ratio: 15B( 65kg/m3)        20B(50kg/m3)      30B(kg/m3)

  • Regular thickness: 1mm, 2mm,  3mm

  • Color: Black or gray

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