laminated XPE foam

laminated XPE foam

Closed cell foam is defined as a cell totally enclosed by its walls and hence not interconnecting with other cells. Closed cell foam is usually made by subjecting a plastic resin compound to a gas, such as nitrogen, under high pressure.

Product Details

Laminated XPE foam is produced by laminating more than two single layers to increase the thickness, which is normally unable to reach the thickness foaming in one time. With the cross-linked structure among all closed cells, it will increase the properties of the XPE foam material, including tensile strength, tear strength, elongation ratio, etc. 

XPE foam is a strong, flexible material that's made up of connected internal cells. To increase the elasticity of the foam, we factory will add the EVA grains as the raw material.

Laminated XPE foam has two sides protective skins, which make the physical properties better than one side(if it is especially required). 

Laminated XPE foams are known for their high structural integrity, high compressive strength, and low moisture absorption. It is lightweight, flexible, and firm, and resists most solvents and chemicals as well as fungi and mold. Durable enough to withstand a large amount of pressure without major distortion, it's stronger than open cell foam, but also requires more material, which makes it more expensive. The ways in which the foam is used varies depending upon the type.

The maximum thickness of the laminated XPE foam reaches to 100mm. 

xpe foam lamination           xpe foam lamination (2)

With the super high thickness of the laminated XPE foam, it is widely used in the packing industry after die cutting, as well as the construction. Look forward to our cooperation in the future.

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