Chemically Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam

Chemically Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam

Chemically Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam is the product obtained in the process of foaming with appropriate additives. It is a closed cell foam material, covering versatile areas, such as pipe line insulation, sports protection, automobile trim and house heat insulation.

Product Details

Chemically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam is made of low-density polyethylene foam foamed in heat horizontal oven after extrusion with the assist of chemical inflators and the crosslinking agents put inside.  Obtaining the crosslinked net to improve strength, chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam is widely used in sound, heat, humidity insulation and shock absorption places. As the customer's requirements, it is normally produced as sheets, rolls, tubes, and extra-lamination plates.

The features of chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam

  1. Material: 100% PE

  2. Density range: 30kg/m3-300kg/m3

  3. Color: normal colors-black, white, and gray; customized colors: red, green, blue and others

  4. Thickness range: single layer-3-15mm, laminated layers: max 50mm

  5. Aluminum foil: available 

  6. Temperature range: -40 celsius degrees to +85 celsius degrees

  7. Fire retardant: available to adjust as request

Sound absorbing, heat and water resistance

Products show in different types

xpe foam sheetxpe foam rolls (2)laminated thick xlpe foamxpe foam aluminum foil
XPE foam sheetXPE foam rollslaminated XPE foamXPE foam alu foil

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