Auto Duct Foam Pipe

Auto Duct Foam Pipe

Auto duct made by crosslinked polyethylene foam has the function of circulating the air from outside to the inside of the air.

Product Details

The auto air duct foam pipe is an essential part of the automotive air conditioning system, recently, there has been a shift from plastic to foam pipes to reduce weight and enhance insulation.



Expansion ratio: 10B(100kg/m3) 15B(65kg/m3)

Thickness: 4mm

Color: Black


--Excellent thermal insulation property, which makes it hard to moisture condensate, in this ----kind of condition, it is hard for bacteria to embrace, and give us a comfortable air

--Low noise during air circulation

--Low thermal insulation increases the heat loss

--Lightweightness makes more efficient gasoline consumption


--thermal insulation less than 0.04 w/m.k

--water absorption reaches to 0.3% ( 60Kpa, 24H), impermeable

--Soft foam is shocking absorption

--5mm foam:  Air sound insulation 12dB, the impact sound insulation reaches to 19dB

--Temperature resistance: under 120℃, 24h, the ratio of shrinkage of XPE in less than 10%, IXPE is less than 7%.

--Eco-friendly: Crosslinked polyethylene foam meets with the tendency of automotive light-weights, and is non-VOC material

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