Shock pad underlay for sport fields

shock pad for sports fileds

The shock pad is made mainly from polyethylene cross-linking agents, promoters by chemical foaming process, the product color is green. Shock pad underlay adds safety to protect the user from getting the injury when doing sports, it increases the possibility of your artificial grass system and extends its lifespan. The extra cushioning layer is installed above the sub-base and under the grass pad. Due to the improved system makes it soft and durable, it is ideal for sports filed such as football, baseball, rugby, golf, hockey, and hockey areas.

Normal product specification

Green shock pads


Roll Size
(mm x m)


Roll diameter

XPE 30B10


1500 X 50



  • CYG can pack in width and length as request. 

  • Normal packing method: pe bag in a roll with a 3-inch inner paper coil. 

  • Density options: 65kg/m3, 50kg/m3, 33kg/m3

The CYG XPE 30B10 shock pads made of closed-cell, chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam, which has been developed especially for artificial turf sports grounds. The combination of the unique punched XPE30B10 guarantees excellent drainage properties, quick and easy installation for the constructor, and good dimensional stability. According to different requests, CYG tefa can tailor-made the wide range of thickness (5-14mm) and density of 65kg/m3, 50kg/m3, 33kg/m3.

Importance of shock pad under artificial grass

Laying an additional shock pad under artificial turf will work together with the infill to offer extra protection and natural cushioning, making improve overall performance and reduces the risk of injuries.

shock pads

How to know if you need to add a shock pad?

Adding a shock pad is an additional cost for your project. To help you make a decision if it worth laying the shock pad under the artificial turf, here are some factor for your consideration:

  • What sports filed that you will apply it to?

  • Could there be a serious injury risk involved if not installed?

  • The shock pad gives a soft-landing surface for children's falling from a certain height, so it is well beneficial for the protective type of artificial grass pitches.


It is necessary to choose the right type of shock pad, as we customized the foam pad as customers' request, which is various from densities, thickness, pouching pattern, and colors. Shock pads shall be expertly installed to reap the full benefits. Please contact us for more information, and let us help to discuss the best options with you.





Density (kg/m3)

ASTM D162233.33 

Hardness (°)

Shore C≥23

Tensile Strength (kPa)

ISO 1798



Elongation (%)

ISO 1798



Tear Strength (Kn/m)



ISO 1798



Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)

ASTM C177≤0.045

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