Huzhou CYG tefa has a professional research& development team to develop the new products. Has five team members in total.They develop and produce items or goods for sale to end users. The research and development company aims to create new or improved products that Huzhou CYG tefa will sell on the market, and we aims to be the leading manufacturer of the goods with fashion use tendency.

research and development

R&D equipment    R&D equipment   R&D equipment

Huzhou CYG tefa has our own laboratory to test all kinds or foam's physical properties.

research & development    Our testing tools:

    1. Thickness gauge and vernier caliper to test the      thickness

    2.  Electronic scales

    3.  Tension tester to test the tensile strength and tear strength as well as elogation ratio;

    4. Oven: Fire-retardant degree.

    5. Ohm gauge to test the electrical resistivity