XPE/IXPE/IXPP foam application


Cross-linked polyethylene foam has a good waterproof performance and low water absorption rate (0.3%) thanks to its closed cell structure. It is impervious under the condition of 64kpa,24h.

●Thermal forming

XPE/IXPE/IXPP foam can be formed into varieties of shapes and post-processed including embossing, cold/hot pressing, blowing. 

Heated to 80℃, XPE/IXPE foam has a good performance of bonding capability and form-ability and characteristics of high forming efficiency, good dimensional stability, etc. What’s more, IXPP foam has higher heat resistance to 120℃.

foam insulation

●Sound insulation

XPE/IXPE foam 5mm in thickness has sound transmission loss of 12dB in the air, 19 dB in the floor. The sound insulation effect is better when the foam is thicker.

●High-temperature resistance

Shrinkage rate of XPE foam is within 10%,that of IXPE foam can reach to 7% under the position of 120℃ 24h.

XPE/IXPE/IXPP foam application

●Thermal insulation 

Cross-linked polyethylene foam can effectively block heat transmission with great insulation properties and closed cell structure. Thermal conductivity of polyethylene foam can reach to 0.039W/m.K.

●Shock absorption

The uniform cell structure of the soft foam with a cross-linked structure has a good performance of shock absorption.