XPE &IXPE Foam Application Case 3 - Automotive Industry

- May 07, 2019-

XPE and IXPE FOAM application in the automotive industry

As XPE &IXPE foam has excellent performance as a type of thermal insulation, waterproof, shock absorption and sound insulation material, it is widely used in automotive interiors such as door panel, sun visor, thermal insulation part, floor mat, trunk trim as well as gaskets and seals. Cooperate well with Chinese main auto plants, CYG has great capability to meet with clients requirements.


Why XPE FOAM is good for automotive fields?


  • Features of the XPE/IXPE FOAM

  1. Eco-friendly, odorless and non-toxic;

  2. Lightweight, soft and flame retardant;

  3. With heat reflection, heat insulation, sound absorption, anti-radiation, shock absorption, noise reduction;

  4. Moisture, waterproof, sunscreen, anti-seepage, good sealing, anti-aging, heat preservation, and energy saving;

  5. Moisture-proof, sunscreen, heat insulation and save air-conditioning in summer; Insulated, save heating; the cost-effective and energy-saving effect is obvious in winter.



1. Car interior door guard panel.

2. Sun Visor

     Sun visor is a frequently moving part. Composite cloth or film to the XPE foam, and then compression molding.

3. Thermal Insulation Mat

    Because the heat generated by the car’s engine has seriously affected the comfort of the car. So there needs one panel to thermal insulation, aluminum film composite to XPE foam.

4. Car Floor Mat, Trunk Trim

     In general, it uses high-density XPE foam or IXPE foam. Composite by the flaming method and then compression molding.

5. Gaskets and Seals

    As the excellent elastics, thermal insulation and sound absorbing of XPE foam and IXPE foam. So it’s the preferred material of high-quality gaskets and seals.