- Feb 27, 2020-

There are three aspects to distinguish the XPE foam, EVA and EPE foam.

Foam types

Raw material




Made by low-density polyethylene foam, and foamed by the foaming agent.

1) Both XPE foam and IXPE foam are closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam, so they are called as XLPE foam in short.

2) The closed cells make the foam waterproof and impermeable; and the cross-linked structure is similar to the net, making it rigid and better strength.

3) Continuously foaming method, so the length can be longer during production. 

4) XPE foam has relatively rough skin, but IXPE foam has smoother skin than XPE.

Main properties: 



-Sound insulation

-Thermal insulation

1) Automotive interior: door panel, roof, sun visor, footpad, air duct, and so on...

2) Building insulation: metal roof panel insulation, walls, flooring underlay, under slab shock pad, and HVAC insulated pipe,etc.

3) Sports cushion pad, yoga mat, archery target.

4) High tec products liner package- antique, jewelry, make-up

5) Artificial grass shock pad

6) Medical pad- ECG pad


(Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

Foamed by ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer

1) Cross-linked closed-cell structures;

2) foamed in a mold with a limited length

3) Fine skin

4) Normal EVA foam has a special odor,  making it not high-end.

5) The special odorless EVA foam is pretty expensive.

Because of the similar properties among EVA and XLPE foam, its application is similar to XLPE foam, but it is much more popular to be applied in the package that needs a die-cutting process. The main reason is that its thickness can reach more than 50mm without lamination, so it means less cost.


(Polyethylene foamed cotton)

Foamed by low-density polyethylene with the help of Butane gas (an inflammable and dangerous gas)

It is a non-cross linked closed cell structure, consists of numerous independent bubbles.



-Sound insulation

-Thermal insulation

It is the cheapest pe foam material for packing, with a long usage history in packing, flooring underlayment. But with time goes by, more and more clients need better substitutes to increase the value of the good and produce high-quality and environmental products, so the EPE foam is replaced and ignored in the high-end markets.

What does Huzhou CYG manufacture?

Based on the environmental protective, Huzhou CYG is always concentrating on manufacturing cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam only, it mainly includes XPE foam(chemically crosslinked by crosslinked agent), IXPE foam(irradiated crosslinked by electronic beams) in all kinds of specification and fire retardant grade. 

Sometimes, we industry calls both of them( XPE foam and IXPE foam) as XLPE foam in short, but different people from different countries have a different name, in case of your puzzle and misunderstanding, please contact us for more professional information. Welcome to your inquiry!