XPE Foam Application 2-construction

- May 07, 2019-

XPE FOAM application in the construction industry

As XPE foam has excellent performance as a type of thermal insulation, waterproof and sound insulation material, it is widely used in construction fields for roofs, walls, basements, etc.


Where is XPE foam used in construction?

construction fieldcomparison

  • Thermal insulation and waterproof materials for roofs

  • Sound insulation materials for wall

  • Moisture-proof and sound-proof materials for floors and basements

  • Artificial turf

  • Wall sticker


Why XPE FOAM is good for construction filed?

As XPE foam with excellent thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, soft and lightweight, low-temperature resistance, anti-aging, energy saving, and environmental protection, and convenient construction. Developed countries have been used in thermal insulation of housing construction and air-conditioning engineering at the beginning of this century.


CYG XPE FOAM not only solves the discomfort for the body, and environmental hazards caused by the glass fiber and foam materials in the past, but also with insulation, heat and light reflection, anti-radiation and other functions by laminating aluminum foil on the polyethylene materials.


Therefore, XPE foaming materials play a good role in moisture-proof, heat-insulating, beautiful, energy-saving and environmental protection in building construction (roof, wall, floor), which improves the comfort of housing and the life of the house.


At the same time, the uniform and closed cell structure inside the XPE foam sheet plays the role of cushioning, shock absorption and impact resistance. It is also possible to laminate a layer of woven fabric on the surface of XPE to improve its tensile and tear strength.


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