What's Difference Between Pe Foam Air Duct And Pp Solid One?

- Feb 26, 2019-

air duct comparison

Air Duct

  • Premium PE foam air ducts

 Air ducts are produced in a twin-sheet thermoforming process, and using cross-linked PE foam is able to  be well-formed by the vacuum process, and out form all kinds of test result, it is proven that itself is as technically and commercially attractive alternative to the traditional air ducts made by extrusion blow-molding of polypropylene (PP).

The Cross-linked Polyethylene foam can be thermoformed into various shapes and air ducts for diverse application areas,  such as the vehicle parts:  instrument panel, pillars, floor, and roof, etc.  Besides, other individual solutions of reinforcements ribs and fixation allow the construction of air ducts meeting high demands.


compared to rigid plastic ducts, the properties of the closed-cell PE foam the air ducts show excellent advantages as below: 

• Less Weight– up to 65 % lighter

• Improved Thermal insulation – reduction of energy loss

• Acoustic absorption – up to 5 dB less airflow noise

• Sealing function 

• Without condensation or bacteria

• Odorless,  no smell, no fogging

• Easy  process – thermoforming and cutting

• flexibility