What Material Is XPE?

- Dec 10, 2018-

XPE (polyethylene cross-linked) also known as chemical crosslinked Polyethylene foaming materials, is a new type of environmental protection materials, non-toxic, tasteless, soundproof, waterproof, heat insulation, insulation, incineration of the atmosphere pollution-free, good rebound, can be arbitrarily adjusted soft hardness and thickness, light weight and other characteristics, is other foaming cotton materials irreplaceable, hot pressing molding, can also produce flame retardant type, suitable for sports protective gear, handbag bags, automobiles, aerospace, construction, shoe materials, toys, air conditioning, oil pipeline insulation and so on.

Foaming Multiples: 3--40 times times;

Width: 600-2000mm width within thickness: Single layer 2-15mm, can also be complex synthesis of 2-100mm thickness, and surface calendering processing;

Commonly used colors: black, white, gray, color and so on.