What Material Is IXPP?

- Dec 10, 2018-

IXPP/PP Foam (irradiated crosslinked polypropylene foaming material) is a new type of polymer foaming material. The product is made of polymer foam material by mixing polypropylene resin (PP) with other fillers and adding chemical crosslinking agent and foaming agent. Ixpp not only has good thermal stability (maximum use temperature up to 130 ℃) and high temperature product size stability, but also has high toughness, tensile strength, impact strength and other excellent mechanical properties. IXPP's supple surface, excellent microwave adaptability and environmental protection have attracted much attention.

Can be widely used in automotive interiors, building materials, packaging materials and many other fields.

Foaming multiples: 5--30 times times;

Width: 600-2000mm width within thickness: Single layer 1-6mm, can also be complex synthesis 2-100mm thickness range,

Commonly used colors: rice white, milky white

Related Characteristics of foaming PP:

(1). Has excellent heat resistance, foaming pp can withstand 120 ℃

(2). With excellent mechanical properties, it is the highest grade in plastic foaming materials.

(3). Has good insulation, because the foaming pp bubble hole structure is closed, its thermal conductivity will not be affected by moisture. Excellent thermal insulation performance

Can maintain a low thermal conductivity (<0.036W/M.K) stably for a long time, so it can be used as an advanced thermal insulation material.

(4). In addition to having good processing properties, foaming PP has a high elongation rate of 300% at room temperature, and at 120 ℃, its elongation is up to 1000%

(5). Chemical corrosion resistance is the best of all foaming materials

The application Way of foaming PP: Automobile: Roof, door panel, rear shelf, instrument board, Gate handrail, left and right side circumference, suitcase, floor pad, body outside bottom guard plate, seat reserve Board, air conditioning duct, etc.