What Material Is IXPE?

- Oct 31, 2020-

IXPE (Electronic Cross-linking) stands for electronic radiation cross-linked polyethylene foam material. It is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, and is matched with several other auxiliary materials that do not contain any harmful substances. It is first mixed and extruded and processed through green and healthy radiation. Technology, the use of ionizing radiation to act on the cross-linking of the material to change the original structure of the base material, forming a network of independent closed-cell cell structure, the production of high-tech high-end closed-cell foam material. Such products have the advantages of smooth appearance, comfortable hand feeling, and good processing performance. Its cells are fine and uniform, strong and flexible, excellent in sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, low water absorption, resilience, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance, and strong corrosion resistance to various chemical agents. Functional materials of environmental protection standards.

Foaming ratio: 3--40 times;

Width: within 600-2000MM width

Thickness: single layer 0.1-15MM, can also be compounded into 0.1-100MM thickness,

Common colors: black, white, gray, color, etc.

Related features of IXPE:

1. Environmental protection and non-toxicity: ionizing radiation changes the structure of the base material to form a network-like independent closed-cell structure, no additives, no heating, no chemical residues, and recyclable oil refining.

2. Moisture-proof and antibacterial: The independent closed-cell structure tightly and effectively prevents the penetration of water molecules, so that the water absorption rate is less than 0.01g/cm2 (almost zero). At the same time, due to the electron beam irradiation modification, the bacteria have no living environment.

3. Quiet and seismic resistance: Independent closed-cell structure, with good acoustic damping, resilience, impact resistance, and permanent compression rate below 5%.

4. Thermal insulation: Ultra-low thermal conductivity (less than 0.04w/m.k), which can effectively prevent the loss of thermal insulation or cold air through the ground.

5. Anti-corrosion and aging resistance: Due to the strong tightness of the base material polyethylene itself, after the radiation cross-linking treatment, the product has strong corrosion resistance, and the life span is increased by more than 30%.

6. Ease of processing: Smooth appearance, comfortable touch, fine and uniform cells, strong and flexible, convenient for secondary processing (easy to compound, paste, cut, punch, heat press, heat absorption forming, etc.).

Common uses of IXPE:

25Various sports equipment: such as helmets, protective gear, surfboards, ski boots, skates, floor mats, mountaineering bags, sports bags, floating boards, etc.

25 Car interiors: such as the roof of the car, the inside of the door, around the instrument, the gasket in the car light, the door waterproof membrane, the car audio and so on. The foam has good plasticity, coupled with its heat insulation, sound insulation, softness and cushioning characteristics, it is currently the preferred material for vehicle interior decoration in advanced countries.

25 Daily necessities: stationery, tools, medical equipment, outer packaging of cosmetics and protective materials for camera audio. It can also be used as lining material for luggage and shockproof packaging and lining materials for household appliances, precision instruments, valuables, etc. Can be used in all-round sports shoes, functional shoes lining materials

25Air conditioning and refrigeration field: its heat insulation and excellent forming performance can also be used in any shape in the air conditioner, with beautiful appearance and superior performance. Such as air-conditioning insulation pipes, insulation special-shaped parts, etc.