What Material Is IXPE?

- Dec 10, 2018-

IXPE (electronic crosslinking) is the full name of electronic radiation crosslinked polyethylene foaming material, is to polyethylene as the main raw material, with a few other accessories without any harmful substances first through mixed extrusion molding, through the green health irradiation processing technology, the use of electro-ionic radiation action on the production of the cross-linked material to change the original structure of the substrate, The formation of reticulated independent closed-hole bubble hole structure, the production of high-tech high-grade closed-hole foam materials. This type of product has the advantages of smooth appearance, comfortable feel, good processing performance and so on.

Its pores are fine and uniform, strong and winding, sound insulation, heat insulation, excellent insulation effect, small water absorption, resilience, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew change and resistance to a variety of chemical agents and other functional materials in line with international environmental standards.

ixpe process

Characters of IXPE:

1. Thermal-insulation: independent closed-cell structure can effectively reduce the energy exchange due to air convection, so it is suitable thermal insulation materials for refrigerator, air-conditioning and so on.  

2. Impact resistance: semi-rigid foaming material can be restored after strongly pressing, widely used as the packaging for the precise instrument, semiconductor, electronics and so on products.

3. Sound-absorption: closed cell structure can effectively reduce the noise, which is suitable for automobile, e-bike and so on.

4. Excellent processability: IXPE has good heat resistance, tactility, even density, vacuum, and hot forming are also available. It is used in automobile air conditioner/roof and so on interior parts.

5. IXPE is non-toxic, odorless, chemical/oil/acid resistant and easy to process can be cut in different shapes and laminated with different materials.