What Is The Difference Between Foam And Sponge?

- Sep 19, 2020-

What is the difference between foam and sponge?

1. Different characteristics. Foam has a series of characteristics such as elasticity, light weight, fast pressure-sensitive fixation, convenient use, free bending, ultra-thin volume, and reliable performance. The sponge is flexible and light in weight. The anti-corrosion nickel coating prevents electrochemical corrosion. Fast pressure sensitive fixation. It is resistant to pressure, does not fall off easily, has high tensile strength, is easy to use, bends freely, and is ultra-thin.

2. Different purposes: Sponge is mainly used in automobile industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, bust underwear manufacturing industry and high-end furniture manufacturing industry. Foam is widely used in electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinets, lighting, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spraying, furniture, wine and gift packaging, hardware products, toys, fruits, The inner packaging of leather shoes, daily necessities and other products. After adding anti-static agent and flame retardant, it shows its excellent performance.

3. The overview is different. Sponge is a porous material with good water absorption and can be used to clean things. Foam is a material made of foamed plastic particles, referred to as foam. Foam is divided into PU foam, anti-static foam, conductive foam, EPE, anti-static EPE, XPE, IXPE, PORON, CR, EVA, bridging PE, SBR, EPDM, etc.