What Are The Product Advantages Of XPE Materials

- Dec 10, 2018-

Thermal shaping: XPE/IXPE foam can be machined into a variety of required shapes.

including embossing, cold pressure, hot pressing, blister, blow molding and other molding process.

Thermal insulation: Thermal conductivity up to 0.037W/M.K

Shock absorption: Soft foam has a good cushioning damping performance, cross-linked structure and make foam has a certain rigidity

High temperature resistance: under 120℃,24h, the XPE shrinkage can be controlled at 10%,ixpe up to 7%.

Soundproofing: 5mm air sound insulation improvement is 12dB, impact sound insulation improvement is 19dB.

Waterproof: Water absorption rate of up to 0.3%, in 60Kpa pressure, placed 24h, impermeable.