What Are The Applications Of Xpe Foam In The Construction Industry

- Jul 15, 2020-

There are many kinds of thermal insulation materials used in construction, such as glass wool, extruded plastic board, ordinary foam board, foam mortar, rock wool and so on. As a new type of building material, xpe foam is used in construction. At present, there are mainly three applications.

1. As reflective insulation material for house items and walls

XPE is laminated with aluminum foil for roof construction, wall and floor insulation. It not only solves the discomfort and harm to the environment caused by the previous glass fiber and foam materials, but also improves the comfort and life of the house.

Features: good adiabatic reflection, light and heat reflection, anti-radiation, weather resistance.

2. As a leak-proof and moisture-proof building material

XPE has a water absorption rate of 0.01%, light weight, aging resistance, better water and moisture resistance, and longer service life than EPE. Laminated aluminum foil for better performance.

Advantages: light weight, easy bonding, easy installation, long service life, excellent waterproof and moisture resistance, and good comprehensive performance.

3. As a floor heating insulation and sound insulation mat

XPE composite aluminum film products have very low thermal conductivity, and have excellent properties such as sound insulation, waterproof, energy saving and environmental protection, flame retardant, easy construction and so on.

Advantages: Excellent thermal insulation performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, no odor, good resilience.