What Are The Applications Of Foam Foil Insulation?

- Nov 14, 2019-

Huzhou CYG tefa is specialized in providing custom made cross-linked polyethylene foam with various kinds of process. Having 16 years of experience in this line, we have deep knowledge of the application of our material, including automotive interior, packing industry, sports and leisure industry, air conditioner and so on. This article focuses on the applications of the crosslinked foam laminated with aluminum foil.

What're the applications of the foam foil insulation?


  I ) Package industry

  1.   Box Liner

    Box liner

  2.  Thermal plate cover

     thermal pallte cover

    3.  Color bag

color bag

II)Construction industry

   1. thermal insulated duct cover

thermal insulation (2)

   2. heat insulation for roof

roof insulation

  3. heat resistance for wall 

heat insulation for wall

   4. soundproof and moistureproof  floor underlayment 

soundproof and moistureproof floor underlay

What are the functions of the XPE foam?

1. This product tasteless, non-toxic and environmental protection

2 Light and soft, clean, flame retardant, easy to install.

3 With hot reflex, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-radiation, shockproof, shielding function;

4 Waterproof, good sealing, heat-insulating and energy-saving...

5 Moistureproof, sunscreen, heat insulation

6 There is heat preservation function in Winter, a good effect of energy saving.