To Clear Know Our Capability!

- Apr 14, 2020-


At our manufacturing plants placed in Shenzhen & Huzhou China, we produce polyolefin foams including chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam(XPE) and irradiated crosslinked polyethylene foam(IXPE), irradiated polypropylene foam (IXPP). Our markets are focusing in numerous industries like automotive, production and insulation, leisure and expert sport, adhesive tapes, footwear and packaging Despite being energetic in very various industries, our solutions are all primarily based on the lightweight, environment friendly, excessive-quality, and strong performance.


Chemically cross-linked foams (XPE FOAM)

1) Horizontally foamed 

2) Foams with a hard-wearing surface 

3) Wide range of thicknesses and densities 


Physically cross-linked foams (IXPE FOAM & IXPP FAOM)

1) Horizontally foamed 

2) Vertically foamed 

3) Fine cell structure and smooth surface 

4) PP foam with high-temperature resistanceixpp foam

5) Wide range of thicknesses and densities


  • Various lamination processes (normal heat lamination technic)

  • Adhesive coating ( external factory helps us to process)

  • Die-cutting (external factory helps us to process)

  • Perforation and embossing (such as grass artificial turf, and flooring underlayment)