The Difference Between XPE Foam And IXPE Foam

- Jul 15, 2020-

XPE foam: short for chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material. XPE foam uses the principle of chemical bridging to cross-link polyethylene; compared to XPE foam, the surface of XPE foam is relatively rougher and the cells are larger, XPE The production cost of foam is low. In the general application fields of sound insulation, shock absorption and thermal insulation requirements, XPE foam has a high cost performance. It is widely used in packaging lining, sports cushioning and shock absorption materials. It is also widely used in the fields of building sound insulation and shock absorption, air conditioning and heat preservation.

IXPE foam: Abbreviation for radiation cross-linked polyethylene foam material. IXPE foam uses high-energy electrons to induce polyethylene cross-linking. The surface is smooth and smooth, and the cells are fine. The IPE foam material with the same magnification has better mechanical properties than XP foam material.