The Best Material For Roof Insulation

- Nov 19, 2019-

The best material for roof insulation

The reflective insulation material if the best for roof usage. Normally, a kind of reflective roof insulation material is composed of 2 different layers. Plastic foam sheet (hereby take our CYG XLPE insulated foam as an example), and cover with aluminum foil or film material. This structure is ideal for the roof insulation, including the warehouse roof, factory roof.

Roof insulation material has several benefits and a few of them area unit stopping refulgent heat, conserving energy and another civil architecture roof.


Roof insulation material has plenty of benefits, take our XLPE insulated foam as an example, it can stop radiant heat, preserve energy and provide more comfort for persons with lower cost. So these kinds of roof insulation foam are able to be used in various kinds of buildings, such as the metal roof, wood-frame home roof, and barrier ceilings…


Roof insulation for radiant barrier

Roof insulation is the proper way to keep the extra unwanted heat penetration from outside the building, after laminating with the foil on the surface, it will better reduce the sunlight’s radiant heat, which can reach to almost 97% in summer, and better offer better thermal protection in winter cold weather. By using the insulation material, it preserves the convective heat inside in the winter and creates a warmer atmosphere. Besides, it can diminish the amount of energy required for the dating and cooling inside the building and so allow us to run heating and cooling devices less and marking them to last longer with reducing energy costs. What’s more, it also aids to get a smaller size of HVAC equipment for a larger size of buildings.