Related Features Of XPE

- Dec 10, 2018-

1, adiabatic-its subtle independent bubble structure, can effectively reduce the air convection caused by energy exchange, suitable for the production of insulation pipe, insulation board. and has a combination of anti-condensation, so that the pole suitable for refrigerators, air conditioners and cold storage and other multi-wet environment insulation materials.

2, soundproofing-with soundproofing and noise reduction function, suitable for use in aircraft, railway vehicles, automobiles, electric motors, noise equipment and environmental insulation materials. As well as building floors, floors, floors, walls and other places soundproofing and damping.

3, molding-strong heat resistance, good ductility, uniform density, can achieve vacuum molding and thermoforming and other deep parts of the molding, so can be used in automotive air conditioning evaporation cabinets, automotive hot-pressing roof, automotive ventilation pipe, car sunshade and other interior parts lining and shoe materials.

4, cushioning-material for semi-hard foaming body, after strong impact also lose the original performance, more used in precision instruments, semiconductor packaging and other fields, but also can make use of its easy molding, and used in sports protective supplies and leisure supplies in the field of production, such as: crawling mats, gymnastics mats, sports protective gear and so on.