What Kind Of Polyethylene Foam Does CYG Tefa Supply?

- Mar 21, 2020-

Polyethylene foam

        Huzhou CYG tefa only supply closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam for customers.

        Different from open-cell foam, CYG's polyethylene foam is one kind of foam material with closed cells. Not like EVA foam which is produced in foam buns by molding methods, CYG tefa's polyethylene foam is typical extruded foam and produced in large and long roll due to its continuous foaming method. After the lamination process of certain layers together, foam sheets can also reach to bigger thickness. Various from the density from 33kg/m3 to 300kg/m3, the formula can be adjusted and get different colors and specifications.

        All types of CYG's polyethylene foam are cross-linked foam structure, but they are separated into two main types, chemically crosslinked Polyethylene foam (XPE or XLPE Foam) and Irradiated crosslinked Polyethylene foam (IXPE Foam). The former one is a cost-effective type of PE foam, and the last one is a better-property of Polyethylene foam. Polyethylene foam is widely used in various industries such as automotive interior, packaging, construction, sports & leisure, and air conditioning to its excellent performance on cushioning, insulation, buoyancy, and durability. 

pe foam