New Produtcs- Insulated Roof /wall Panel Panels

- Apr 28, 2019-

Insulated roof /wall panel panels

Cross-linked polyethylene foam is widely used in the construction industry, with adhesive and slier film, we design it to use in the color steel panels to provide a more efficient solution to the roos and wall installation.  

Product Range

 Density : 33kg/m³ – 200kg/m³ (Expansion rate: 5 times – 30 times)

 Thickness: 5mm – 50mm

 Colors: Any colors upon request

Highlight: Other densities, thickness, colors, and dimensions are available upon request.

Features and Benefits

-Excellent thermal insulation

-Minimal water and humidity absorption

-High stability

-Easy and fast installation

-Environmentally friendly

-Excellent sealing and insulation properties


-Suitable for interior and exterior application

-Long life durability


insulated roof panel structurer

Our insulated metal roofing panels are suited for many commercial applications including cold storage facilities, shopping centers, food processing plants, and any other roofing insulation needs. Suspended ceiling systems are also available.

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More details about the thermally Efficient Insulated Roof Panels 

This kind of insulated roof/wall panel provides the lower cost-per-R available. Our metal roofing panels are superior to any similar panel product on the market for these reasons and more:

-Fast construction. Thanks to the whole finished products after the foam-adhesive design of our metal roofing panels; our construction times are much more rapid than traditional construction, allowing you to stay on budget and on time!

-No loss of R-value over time.

-Environmentally friendly. All of CYG tefa's insulated roofing/wall panels are either recyclable or comprised of recyclable materials. Additionally, our metal roofing panels are custom-made, so there is never any on-the-job waste. Buildings constructed with our thermally efficient roof panels will enjoy a much lower energy demand, drastically reducing costs.

-Customer service. We care! Our sales and customer representatives will ensure that you are provided with the best building envelope for your application. 


insulated wall panelinsulated wall  roof panels