Know Features Of Irradiated Polypropylene Foam!

- Mar 14, 2020-

ixpp foam details


  • Irradiated crosslinked structure

  • Good resilience and high shock absorbability.

  • Chemical resistance better than all other foam plastics;

  • Edible oil-resistant, to meet the needs of greasy food packaging;

  • Compared with foaming PS, no poisonous gas is released during combustion.

  • Recycling and regeneration.

  • Better degradation property than PS foam and PE foam.

1) The polyethylene foam can only tolerate a 70-80  Celsius degree, while irradiated polypropylene foam can withstand Celsius degree. The foamed pp is placed in 22 hours at 120℃, and the size shrinkage is less than 2%. While, the same condition, the foamed irradiated polyethylene foam is contracted by 40%. Therefore, the irradiated polypropylene foam can be used in temperature over 100℃.

2) Both irradiated polypropylene foam and polyethylene foam have a closed-cell structure, so its thermal conductivity will not be affected by moisture. Because its thermal conductivity is lower than that of polyethylene foam, it has significant heat insulation, so it can be used as a high-end insulation material.


In the automotive interior decoration, the field has a very broad future, irradiated polypropylene ((pp) foam material weight is light, there will not be moisture, mildew, odor, etc., which can be used as the roof of the car, the door shield, the driving frame, the wind channel, the shelf, the trunk, etc. It is a low cost, light quantification, environmental protection, safety, and comfort, it is the material that has the meaning of the age.

door panelcar roof
Door panelCar roof