IXPP/IXPE/XPE Is Widely Used In Automobiles

- Dec 10, 2018-

IXPP, IXPE, XPE products are widely used in automotive door protection plate, door panel waterproof film, passenger car side plate materials, door panels, decorative panels, columns, dashboards, center consoles and so on. IXPP, IXPE, xpe have good thermal shrinkage, can be directly vacuum molding, shape can be arbitrary complex, angular, good sealing, fast molding speed, not easy to fold, molding shrinkage uniform, internal stress balance, precise hole position, easy to install.

With vibration resistance, noise resistance, sound absorption, change can be waterproof.

Ixpp/ixpe/xpe + non-woven/pu > Bonding > Cutting > Heating so that it reaches the softening point > compression molding. Ixpp/ixpe/xpe + epidermis (fabric, TPO or PVC)