IXPE FOAM‘s New Applications In Precision Hardware Packaging And Its Turnover

- Nov 19, 2019-

IXPE FOAM‘s new applications in precision hardware packaging and its turnover

        With the rapid development of a series of high-end electronic products such as handy computers and smartphones, the demand for hardware used in their products is also highly increasing. Specifically, it shows that the hardware must be protected from being squeezed and damaged in the process of transportation, which requires higher qualified and properties for packaging materials.

        The traditional packaging turnover of hardware generally adopts PET, PVC, PS blister materials. Because these materials are relatively hard, the surface is relatively smooth, so the hardware placed inside is easy to slide, causing its damage, and more defective products.  This reason brings great troubles and losses to the company. In order to solve this problem, the research and development department of CYG tefa company conducted various experiments, finally produced a new type of packaging product- IXPE laminated foam, and received Foxconn, Huawei, Samsung and other well-known enterprises' consistent recognition and praise.

    IXPE laminated foam is actually not very complex, due to IXPE foam has a soft surface, good thermal molding, and non-toxic and tasteless, non-corrosive products and other excellent characteristics, so it is very easy to meet with the transportation requirements of packaging material.

    We believe that IXPE  packing foam will be more and more widely recognized and used by enterprises.