Is XPE Foam Safe?

- Mar 02, 2020-

Is XPE foam safe?

The answer is definitely "yes"!

Nowadays, to purchase better quality live standards and live a non-toxic life, you have lots of aspects to consider twice and twice when choosing furniture for family, tools for children, decoration for the house. But it feels like something new that we are using that is potentially toxic. If you have no such kind of basic information, you may live in an unsafe environment in non-conscience. Let's study the safety of XPE foam.

XPE foam is made from the raw material of low-density polyethylene, it is foamed in the horizontal furnace with the support of chemical foaming agent (AC), so that the foam of various density and specification are manufactured. Someone may think that the foaming agent is toxic. No worries, with the foaming process at a high temperature, it resolves and produces the gas to help the foam expand in volume, so it won't stay and keep in the foam.

XPE foam is safe to be used as the playmat for babies, yoga mat for athletes, automotive interior, and house insulation. All of these applications have their standards that XPE foam can meet with. 

Our promise is simple, we provide safe and environmentally friendly material for your life.

If you have more questions about the XPE foam, please have no hesitation to leave us a message!

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