CYG Tefa's Reflective Xlpe Foam Application Cases

- Feb 29, 2020-

CYG tefa's reflective XLPE foam (Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam laminated with an embossed or smooth aluminum sheet) is specifically designed to insulate the intense heat of hot climates, and it is very suitable but not limited to roofing insulation. What makes this product especially suitable for roof tile lining is that it is an excellent barrier against vapor and has a high capacity to reflect radiated heat. The surface layer of aluminum avoids sediments, molds or parasites growing.


  • Residential and commercial grade insulation 

  • Reflects up to 95% of the suns radiant heat

  • Improved internal ambient light 

  • Creates a comfortable internal space

  • Backed by a 17-year manufacturer warranty

There are such lots of good functions of reflective XLPE foam, so it can be widely used as follows cases:

reflective xlpe foam Application Cases

All these industries comprise of buildings such as stables barns and crop stores which are exposed to major stresses. Transpiration and excretions from animals, exhaust fumes from agriculture vehicles high levels of humidity and condensation affect the building construction along with existing weather conditions. In all the above it makes immense sense to first keep the heat out while retaining acceptable moisture content in order to provide a conducive working environment for both humans and animals.

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Reflective XLPE foam

reflective XLPE foam