Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam- A Ideal Material For Shock Pad!

- Feb 26, 2019-


Shock pad is used to meet these critical fall heights – typically between 1 – 2 meters.

Shock Pad is a legal requirement( European country, UAS etc.) in schools where high play equipment is used, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in back gardens. As the trend for bigger and better and ever more complex play structures in back gardens gathers pace, so does demand for the underlay shock pad. A climbing frame can provide hours of back garden fun for kids, which is a screen-obsessed world is something to be encouraged. But parents also want to ensure that when slips and falls happen – which they inevitably will – their children will have a soft landing. As well as the safety aspect, the combination of artificial grass and shock pad is nice underfoot and gives a firm but springy feel. Other benefits include giving an extremely flat finish – without any lumps and bumps. Installation of artificial grass can be tricky in properties with gardens that don’t have any side access. Using Shock pad in these scenarios means a ‘cleaner’ installation which minimizes the amount of hard landscaping material that needs to be taken through the house. While excavating the lawn will still be necessary, the installation process is quicker when Shock pad is used as it replaces the need for an aggregate to be laid and compacted. In terms of lifespan, shock pad laminated with artificial grass will give you at least ten years of soft, safe green grass perfection, if not more.