Cross-linked Foam For Architecture Applications

- Nov 19, 2019-

What are Cross-linked foam solutions for construction?

XLPE foam, shape in rolls or sheets both available, is widely applied in the construction industry because of its consistently excellent thermal insulation and acoustic performance, making better energy and operational efficiency of completed buildings. 

XLPE foam sheet and rolls offer effective, economical and efficient solutions for plenty of building parts, including insulation in wall and roof, air sealing to keep warm or cool in the house.  With the usage of the XLPE foam, the temperature in the space is able to maintain st least 18 ℃ in winter cold weather and less than 24 ℃ in summer hot weather, which not only increase the comfort in a building but also save the energy cost caused by the excessive usage of the air conditioner.

Please trust that XLPE foam sheets or rolls are the perfect choices for commercial and residential projects, this kind of cross-linked polyethylene foam minimizes moisture and temperature-related issues and enhances a wide variety of structures with its advanced air sealing properties.

What benefits does cross-linked foam have?

1. Superior acoustic and thermal insulation( especial laminated with aluminum foil)

2. Excellent noise absorption qualities.

3. Water-resistant

4. Sustains extra heavy pressure

5. Usable in conjunction with other construction material.

Case show (click here for more details)

1. roof insulation

2. wall insulation

3. floor underlayment