Are You Ready? Corporate Sporting Activity Is Coming!

- Apr 14, 2020-

During such a special Covid-19 virus period, we strictly follow the government rules that we shall try our best to avoid getting together in case of the risk of infection. But all employees pay much attention to the building shape and health, so most of us actively participated in the corporate sporting activity held during April 13th and May 5th, which broke up the traditional sports competition form, instead of that, we join in by the "cloud PK" online.

Let's run together, let's keep healthy with each other!

company sports activity (2)

Company spirits: being together, fight for the future!

Event list:

1. Men & Women 5KM race

2. Men & Women 3KM race

3. Men & Women 1KM race

4. Shuttlecock kicking

5. Deep squat

6. Push up

7. Sit up

8. Rope skipping

Which one are you good at? Let's be patient and wait for the final result!