Common Uses Of IXPE

- Dec 10, 2018-

A) a variety of sports utensils: such as helmets, protective gear, surfboards, ski boots, skates, mats, mountaineering bags, sports bags, floating boards and so on.

B) Automotive Interiors: such as roof canopy, door inside, instrument around, lamp inside gasket, door waterproof film, car sound and so on. The foam has good plasticity, coupled with its thermal insulation, sound insulation, softness and cushioning characteristics, is currently advanced national vehicle interior decoration materials of choice.

C) The field of daily necessities: stationery, tools, medical devices, cosmetic packaging and camera audio protection materials. can also be used to make bags of lining materials and household appliances, precision instruments, valuables and other shockproof packaging and lining materials.

Can be used in a full range of sneakers, functional shoes in the lining material.

D) Air conditioning and refrigeration field: its thermal insulation and excellent molding properties can also be done in the air conditioning arbitrary molding shape, and beautiful appearance, superior performance. such as air conditioning insulation pipe, insulation special-shaped parts and so on.