Closed Cell Foam Vs Open Cell Foam

- Feb 26, 2020-

What're the differences between the closed cell and open cell foam?

1. Comparison of structure:

Closed-cell foamopen-cell foam

1) Foam cells are closed in a visible dimension

2) almost 99.9% impermeable and waterproof

3) Large range density (depend on the expansion rate)

4) Relatively firm and durable

5) Be used for various places where needs water resistance

1) foam cells are open and not sealed

2) Permeable and not waterproof

3) Lightweight and low density

4) Soft feeling and flexible shape

5) Widely applied for places without moisture

2. Differences properties

Closed-cell foamOpen-cell foam
Vapor resistance

Impermeable and waterproof

Vapor permeable
Hest insulation

1) The suitable insulator in a moisture environment

2) heat resistance

3) Stronger strength

1) Suitable insulator in dry conditions

2) Heat resistant

Noise reduction

1) Can be used as an acoustical barrier

2) Prevent noise from entering or leaving a space

1) Good acoustical absorber

2) Echoes and sound waves reduction

Air permeability

1) Air barrier material

2) Ideal for gaskets usage, etc

1) Airflow is available

2) Ideal for filtration application


How to make the best decision on the material?

Closed-cell foam is much more expensive than open-cell foam, but it may provide additional environmental resistance and structure support. If you have stronger physical properties demand, the closed-cell foam is the right choice for your project.

While, open-cell foam is a more economical choice, but it might not meet with all your environmental requirements. If your cost budget is limited and has less environmental needs, we recommend the open-cell foam for your project.

Which type does the Huzhou CYG TEFA factory provide?

Huzhou CYG tefa is focusing on manufacturing the closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam, which includes chemically cross-linked and physically cross-linked foam. In this industry, we usually call it as XLPE foam in short. Although there are many types of XLPE foam due to the foaming methods, all products that Huzhou CYG tefa produce are closed-cell foam

 closed cell foam